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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where Were You?

"Where's a good (cop, doctor, lawyer, etc) when you need one?"

How often have you asked or heard someone ask that question? We have a need, and the expert who could help us solve that problem is no where to be seen.

Not too long ago I was in the adoration chapel at our church praying before the Blessed Sacrament. I was thanking Our Lord for all the blessings He has given me these last five years as I have come home to the faith, and I asked, "Where were you when I was living that sinful life?"

The response I received was immediate. An interior voice told me, "I've always been here. Where were you?"

That is the right question isn't it? Where was I all those years? The answer is abundently clear to me. I was with me. I had no room for Christ as everything in my life was about serving me. It wasn't that I was a narcissist or even that egotistical. I simply was centered on the "me" instead of the "thee."

I tell people that Satan really hates me because I was the fish that got away. He had me in the bag and then Christ, with His mercy, plucked me out in my unclean state and gave me a new start. My work is far from over. Free will. I can still choose my destiny. But having seen what it looks like on the other side, I have hope that I will choose God.

So if you're wondering where Christ is in your life, maybe the question you should ask yourself is "where are you?" Are you with the lowly or the exhalted? Are you serving or waiting to be served? Are you walking the path of least resistence or the path or rightousness? Before Christ can pour fourth His grace into your heart you have to make room for Him.

As a man of experience, trust me when I tell you He doesn't need that big of an opening to work wonderous things in your life. For me it took being open to the truth and setting aside my prejudices brought on by too many years of poor catechism and my own personal preferences. Eventually the truth that God is not an opinion, but simply "is" dawned on me, and the light of that truth seems to shine brighter with each ounce of me I give to Him and others.


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