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Saturday, May 17, 2008

America, Welcome to the Real World

According to the The World Fact Book, published online by the CIA, the ever growing population of India is about 1,147,995,898. That's billion with a "B." Of those souls, 25% live below the poverty line, which translates to a number that equals about 95% of the total population of the United States. Poverty flourishes in India. So it should come as no surprise that her government took great umbrage at President Bush's comments that seemed to imply that India and her increased consumption of food as that third world economy begins to emerge was partially to blame for the soaring food prices in the USA.

Consumption of resources borders on gluttonous in America. Data from the United Nations Agricultural Organization reveals that the average American consumes about 3,770 calories per day, the highest of any country in the world. A well fed citizen in India will eat about 2,440 calories per day. India, whose population is nearly four times that of the US, consumes less than a million barrels of oil per day compared to the nearly 21 million barrels burned by America.

And while 12% of Americans live below the poverty line, her poorest of the poor pale in comparison to the desperately impoverished whom Mother Theresa served. People literally starve to death in India. Hospital emergency rooms do not serve as adjunct free health care clinics for the poor as they do in the US. If a poor person gets sick in India, he is on his own. And while the "homeless" of Portland, Oregon recently found the energy and resources to organize themselves and stage a protest in front of City Hall by camping out on the sidewalk in front of the mayor's office, in India homelessness is not a lifestyle choice.

And lest anyone believe that India stands out at as shining city on the hill, one should remember that this country of a billion people has its share of sins as well. Life is cheap here. Human trafficking, especially in the flesh trades, is a real problem. Women are definitely considered the inferior sex to the point that a cottage industry of mobile ultrasound businesses has grown up to help couples determine the sex of the child inutero. If the baby in the womb is a girl, her life often gets terminated via abortion.

Clearly all countries have their problems in a fallen world.

When America awakes from her recession, she may very well find that she has become the synthesis of who she once was yesterday and who India is today. She may discover that recession was more of a hangover from the indulgent party she enjoyed for so many years, and now that the binge is over, its time to take a step forward into the real world. She may by God's mercy discover that there is way more to life than material wealth. Therein may exist the hope that she turns back to God in thought and in action.


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