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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The "E" Word

As the dust begins to settle from the election and one takes a look at how Catholics in large numbers supported Mr. Obama, the temptation to despair looms large. The fact that 54% of Catholics chose the Democrat is troubling; however, it should be of little surprise. Catholic in America proves very much the adjective versus a lived reality. This is not unique to Catholics. Religion in general in these United States largely skews more towards the hypothetical. Jesus has been diluted to a self-styled philosophy no more or no less important than the new age philosophy prescribed by Oprah.

Perhaps what has been so disconcerting for many devout Catholic believers hinges on the rude wake up call announcing that the barrier that separates the unbeliever from the truth has grown so thick and seemingly impermeable. How could any thinking, rational person not see the lie? Something must be shielding one from that which is real to follow that which is simply good marketing.

What is that something?

Perhaps the best way to answer that question is to state what that something is not. It is not of God. It might be diabolic, but the hard reality might just be that it is simply the fruit of the mystery of a culture that has turned its back upon Our Father for so long and turned its front towards reliance upon fallen man. And this is not to disparage the character of the President-elect. All of humanity is fallen by default. So to place one's hope for salvation in any man's hands, even a seemingly holy man, which Mr. Obama certainly is not, is a recipe for failure.

Just as the Germans of the 1930s had lost all hope and therefor gave a relatively unknown Austrian the chance to fix their ailing nation, America has chosen a similar path with a relatively unknown Kenyan. The Germans could have placed their hope in God. They didn't and the consequences were nothing less than catastrophic. Adolf Hitler created a special police force called the Gestapo to help enforce his policies. Obama proposes the creation of a civilian national security force to carry out his vision. Hitler believed Jews to be inferior and the cause of many of society's ills and thus engaged his final solution. Obama longs to sign the Freedom of Choice Act which would treat any human being in womb as inferior.

The disadvantage Mr. Obama faces in his quest to foist his liberal agenda to "change" the culture rests in the fact that one, he will likely not gain the support of the military as Hitler was able to do. Two, while the economy is poor and in recession, America is far from the economic depression and fear that allowed many a good German to look the other way. Three, while Hitler had complete control of the media, Obama does not have that ability. True, the mainstream media loves him today; however, there is no guarantee that love will continue after the bloom falls from the rose. Finally, the American attention span remains rather short. With the election over and the yard signs tossed in the trash, the country will soon focus its attention on Christmas, the Super Bowl, or the latest episode of the hit TV show of the day.

Yet he did not in any way stop his insolence, but was even more filled with arrogance, breathing fire in his rage against the Jews, and giving orders to hasten the journey. And so it came about that he fell out of his chariot as it was rushing along, and the fall was so hard as to torture every limb of his body. Thus he who had just been thinking that he could command the waves of the sea, in his superhuman arrogance, and imagining that he could weigh the high mountains in a balance, was brought down to earth and carried in a litter, making the power of God manifest to all.
2Maccabees 9:7,8

Antiochus, the "he" in the above passage of scripture, learned the hard way that God is merciful and just. Our Lord never ceases giving one the opportunity for conversion. He could have simply blasted this enemy of the Jews out of existence. Instead he let him fall out of his rushing chariot. It took a series of misfortunes before this king who vowed to destroy the Jews finally repented and turned to God in his dying days.

America, under the command of President Elect Obama, is poised to rush in her chariot towards a false hope that excludes God as the center of life. In many respects, Mr. Obma is simply taking the reigns and changing direction using the same busted moral compass that has guided this country for too many years, and like his predecessors, it seems unlikely that he can find true north. This may explain why America may fall from her chariot, and fall hard.

So what is a Catholic (the noun not the adjective) to do? Perhaps it remains as simple as rendering unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar and give to God everything else. Mr. Obama will exit the stage of history in due course, but God is eternal. His reign never ends.

Part of this giving to God includes the "e" word that scares many into complacency...evangelization. More than half the Catholics in America supported the candidate who supports the murder of the most innocent and vulnerable members of society. If one seeks a place to start, perhaps one's own backyard should be the first stop in one's missionary journey. Many bishops are leading the way in their vow to oppose those laws that promote the destruction of life. A priest in South Carolina recently advised his parishoners to refrain from taking communion if they voted for Mr. Obama until they reconciled themselves with the Church. The clergy in many ways is beginning to step up. The laity needs to do the same, each according to his gifts.

"God bless America."

More than ever this simple prayer is needed. May all pray it in earnest.


Blogger JMR said...

Thank you! I pray more people read your blog and realize just how many more prayers are needed for our ailing country.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Root of Jesse (David) said...

Amen! Pray and hope. Hope and pray. Lift up your hearts to the Lord!

4:30 PM  

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