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Thursday, July 27, 2006

9 Hours...Then I'll Know

I'll be busy saying a lot of prayers, tonight. In about nine hours I will walk into a conference room at my job along with about thirty or forty coworkers and we will learn our fate. Some of us will leave the room still gainfully employed...some won't.

I'm really not all that stressed for myself. I've bounced around this corporate world enough to know that I'll land somewhere. The Lord has always taken care of me, and as a marketing and sales guy, there's always something that needs selling. Mostly I worry for the folks who have never been through a layoff. It can be pretty scary, especially if you've never known any other job. Most of my coworkers in that boat.

My prayers this evening won't be that I keep my job, but rather that The Lord give me the wisdom to make good decisions.

Wish me luck.


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