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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Today is Jonny's Funeral

Those of you who've been reading my blog for awhile (all two of you) will recall my previous reflections on my friend Jonny. We learned this week that on December 28th, John passed. Today we will honor him at his funeral.

Upon hearing the news, the guys in my office displayed the typical male bravado. There were no tears. We immediately started telling stories of Jonny; commenting on how we admired his never letting on about the pain he was experiencing; and joking that he should have known better than to have his funeral on a Saturday when Friday at noon was the typical quitting time for us marketing and sales folks. One guy lamented that he gave up his Seahawks tickets for the funeral. We assured him that John wouldn't have minded and is probably looking down and calling him a stupid S.O.B. for giving up his tickets for this.

A few days before his death, one of our group called John to see how he was doing. He simply said, "I'm f*$#@!" My prayer for Jonny is that he has discovered otherwise. Released from his pain and placed into the hands of Christ and His divine mercy, I pray he now knows how very blessed he really is.

Last week, I prayed for the soul of a man, Saddam, who did nothing redeeming in his life and mostly spread pain and death. Today I pray for the soul of a far better man, who though he didn't proclaim the Gospel, in many ways he lived it, imperfectly like all the rest of us, but in general he always strived for good. I send up my prayers to offer for this good man before our Lord and call on the saints to do the same. This morning as I receive our Lord in Eucharist, I will receive it for Jonny, too.

John was a big fan of a good cigar. This Arturo Fuente Rothshild is for you my friend. Robusto. Of course, Robusto.


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