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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Evangelium Lux

Machines surround him. Some of them beep, some gurgle, and still others whoosh. An array of digital monitors display a color-coded graphic representation of his most vital functions. A bright light heats the area where he rests in a cloud of white fluffy fabric. He wears a blindfold with cleverly drawn on sunglasses to protect his sensitive eyes from the intense light. Tubes about the size of angel hair pasta run in and around his little pink body. There are people watching over him every minute of every day. There are people, dozens of people, maybe even hundreds, praying for him.

His name is Luke. He was born a couple of days ago at about 26 weeks of age. At two pounds and change, he has risen to the status of giant in the heart of this author, and he may well very likely be the most beautiful baby that God has blessed this lowly writer to ever encounter. How incredible to experience pure love for someone who simply is. These last two days have been as if a small little tear in the veil that divides Heaven and Earth has been allowed to remain open, and the light of creation has illuminated areas of the heart previously hidden and waiting for discovery.

Young Luke has demonstrated the power of God in the most frail of conditions, and he has come to serve as an icon of sorts to why so many find this Catholic faith a place to call home. His parents are two of the most lovely people one can know. When word of mom's pregnancy being in distress got out, a literal army of support began a host of prayers. It simply is what a people who live in communion do for one another. Suddenly this family became a rallying point for faith in the love and mercy of Christ. Priests, deacons, and the laity all joined hearts to submit their petition for this family. Countless saints were called upon to intercede, and logistical support was provided to care for the couple's tw0-year-old. It was an orchestra of love.

He lies in an incubator and one can see God continuing to knit together His latest idea. What an honor to observe this work in progress, to see that which normally takes place within the sanctity of a mother's womb. Taped to his incubator are several items; a picture of his family; a miraculous medal once touched by Mother Theresa; a Divine Mercy prayer card blessed by John Paul II; and medal of St. Luke, blessed by the priest who performed his baptism on the day of his birth. He has a lot of people working on his behalf, and even though he is not out of the woods yet, hope remains. It is a hope born from faith and nurtured by belief.

May God's blessings rain down upon the doctors and nurses who have chosen their vocation to care for these little ones. In their own way, they are keepers of clear tabernacles of incarnate messengers of Christ. These precious little lives who occupy the NIC-U proclaim their words of God's glory not in sermons or writings or works, but rather in their simple existence and determination to be.

They are a living gospel of light.


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