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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here We Go Again

Now that Mr. Obama has selected his running mate, Senator Joe Biden from Deleware, Catholics are once again confronted with another political leader who claims to be in full communion with Rome in words yet the legislation he has supported indicates him to be in direct opposition to the Church.

For example, on the issue of when life begins, Mr. Biden says:
"I am prepared to accept my church's view. I think it's a tough one. I have to accept that on faith."
Meet the Press interview, 2007

Notice he didn't say life begins at conception, but rather he was prepared to accept such a notion. It seems to be a theoretical proposition for Mr. Biden versus a statement of fact. Juxtapose that comment with his thinking on Roe Vs Wade:
"I strongly support Roe v. Wade. I wouldn't have a specific question but I would make sure that the people I sent to be nominated for the Supreme Court shared my values; and understood that there is a right to privacy in the United States Constitution."
South Carolina Democratic Primary Debate, 2007

So life begins at conception, but if you choose to kill it that's your business.

According to Mr. Biden new life growing in the mother's womb should also not be eligible for health benefits from the government that is perfectly willing to fund its termination. As recently as March of 2008 he voted no on allowing benefits to cover the unborn of the poor under the SCHIP program.

Mr. Biden also believes that a minor should be allowed to travel across state lines to obtain an abortion if the state said minor lives in requires parental involvement in the decision to abort. He voted no in March of this year on a bill that would have prohibited such activity. He also voted no on a bill that would require parents to be notified when their child sneaked across state lines to have an abortion. Such actions earned him a rating of 0% from NARAL, which is their odd way of saying that a politician is in their camp. By contrast John McCain has a 75% rating which indicates a mixed record on the abortion issue while someone like Sam Brownback has a 100% pro-life rating by NARAL.

Life begins at conception? That's a definite maybe for Mr. Biden. He supports expanding embryonic stem cell research which involves taking a created life, killing it, and harvesting its stem cells. The Catholic Church is opposed to this as well.

The Catholic Church is crystal clear on its position that contraception is gravely immoral; however, in 2005 Mr. Biden voted yes on a $100 million to expand the distribution of contraceptives including emergency contraception, which is a euphemism for the morning after pill.

Ask a Protestant brethren what exactly he protests about the Catholic faith. In most circumstances, he is not really sure. He simply grew up Protestant and that is the faith he knows. Mr. Biden cannot make such a claim. He is Catholic protesting the teachings of the Church on some very fundamental matters. He does not deserve the vote of any Catholic; however, all Catholics should pray for his conversion.


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