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Saturday, July 29, 2006

I survived

Well, I've made it through the first round of our corporate restructure. At 8:15 am, my department huddled in a conference room around a speakerphone as the CEO of the company gave his speech as to why the company was taking the steps it was. Since our operations are far flung across several counties and two states, this scene was repeated all over the company.

The good news is that the cutbacks were going to be achieved, if possible, by attrition. Those aged 60 and older were told to expect a retirement package. The median age of people in our company is about 45 so there's a number of those early boomers who will go. If you work in construction, your job is going to outsourced, but since you belong to the union and our contract guarantees you a job, expect to be trained to do something else or you can leave on your own. Everything is being centralized to the home office where people know better (did I say that out loud?).

My department, marketing, got an interesting message. We're combining you with the remnants of what was construction and you must reapply for your job. So while I still have a job, I do have to submit my resume and even interview for my position. Yes, my friends, I work in a Dilbert cartoon.

The bright side of yesterday was working in the Oregon Right to Life booth at the county fair. For about five hours last evening I helped spread the message of life. We have a very tasteful display of how a person develops from about 7 weeks to 7 1/2 months. In Oregon, and in all 50 states, a woman can get an abortion through the 9th month of pregnancy. In Oregon, a girl needs a permission slip to get her ears pierced, but she can have an abortion without parental notification.

What I get a kick out of is when teenage boys come up to our booth, and they see the models of the babies, and the light of truth turns on. Last night three boys in their mid-teens came over and were totally blown away at how much a baby looks like a baby at only 7 weeks after conception. "How can woman just go and have that cut up?" one boy asked. "Man, that's just wrong," his friend agreed. Mission accomplished.

An elderly caucasion gentleman came to us and said, "I support everything you guys are doing. I saved my grandaughter's life. Her mom wanted to get an abortion, but I talked her out of it. Come over here, honey," he called to a little girl looking at toys at an adjacent booth. "Her daddy is black. I think she looks like Halle Barrie. Isn't she beautiful?"

To teenage girls we gave business card with links to, one of the best websites for girls to learn about their options and talk to their peers about abortion.

All and all, it was perfect end to a silly day at work. A nice juxtaposition between what is necessary to pay the bills, and what really matters.


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