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Monday, September 04, 2006


Last Saturday the Gospel was from Mathew and it was the parable of the talents. You know the story. The master gives each of his servants a number of talents based on their ability and then leaves on a journey. When he comes home, two of the servants have doubled his money, but the one who was given the least, doesn't do anything with it and his serverely rebuked for this inaction.

It's clear to me that God doesn't give everyone the same amount of faith. Why? I have no clue, but it seems to me that those who have been given more, have an easier time increasing the amount they have. I see it as the efficacious nature of saving grace. Then too, as a sign of Christ's mercy, those who have been given just the single talent of faith have less expected from them. The parable shows that the master didn't expect the servant to double his money. Simply puting the money in the bank to earn interest would have been acceptable.

In His private revelations to St. Faustina, Christ revealed a deep loathing for luke warm souls. They are not beyond His mercy, but they do seem to disappoint Him a great deal. This seems to be in synch with the response of the master to the slothful servant in the parable of the talents. What I see from my friends who say they are Christian, but haven't set foot in a church in years, are these tepid souls. They have an inkling of faith, but are afraid to act upon it. Far better to hide it than to invest in it.

Unlike monetary investments, an investment in faith is a no lose proposition. The more you are able to surrender yourself to Christ, the bigger return on investment He bestows. Oh, you may not see it in material ways, but it does profit the interior of our hearts.

Take a moment to take stock of the talents of faith God has given you, and then call your broker, The Holy Spirit, and make an investment in Christ. Hopefully that will be the best stock tip you will receive, today.


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