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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Truth Hurts

What exactly did Mohammad bring to the world?

I've read quite a bit about Islam since 9/11, and near as I can tell, the religion is a schism from Judaism with a few elements of Christianity tossed in. There really weren't any new ideas brought forward except the defining of women as a second class and what Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus so correctly identified "spread by the sword the faith he preached". The Pope spoke the truth, and the Muslims have reacted.

"We're a religion of peace!" they scream.

So, we'll just ignore that whole 9/11 thing, and that call to eliminate Israel from the planet is some sort of joshing around, right?

"How dare the Pope quote a 14th century figure to describe Islam!" They cry.

So, you believe going back to the Crusades, which happened over a 1,000 years ago and hasn't been a rallying cry for you until the last 40 years when you bought the revisionist history version of the whole affair is fair?

"The Pope is the same as Hitler"

Gee, Adolph Hitler wanted to conquer the world; killed millions of Jews along with thousands of Catholics. Benedict has written "God is Love," and last I heard still rents the Swiss Army. What am I missing here?

"The Pope must personally aplogize?"

To whom? He said he was sorry if his remarks offended anyone. There's no central Islamic hierarchy he can write a letter of apology to. Do you posit he should call each one of the billion or so Muslims and issue a mea culpa?

"We're about forgivness!"
He apologized, and you said it wasn't good enough. Instead you burned his image in effigy. I'm sorry my Muslim brethren, but the Pope mentioned in his speech, had you bothered to read it, that there is an element of reason to following God. I'm sorry you feel disrespected, but perhaps if you countered the Pope with a reasonable explanation of jihad instead of acting like a bunch of crazy, out of control, jihadists, you might gain some credibility in the world instead of simply being feared the way one fears a rabid dog.

My Muslim brethren, when you can sit down and logically explain to me why me, my family, and everyone that I love deserves to die simply because we exist and believe in a God of love versus a God of man-made will, then I will be happy to give your religion the time of day. Until then, God forgive me, I will treat you with the utmost suspicion. I will pray for your conversion while I pray for the success of our brave men and women in the armed forces.

Islam a religion of peace? All evidence to the contrary.


Blogger Millie said...

Hi David,
I hope you can read this. All the directions are in Korean so when I try to post it I'm not sure which button to hit!
Amen to what you wrote. Though I didn't hear a single thing about this situation, I did come across it on the internet news. (Korea is a strange place. Nobody seems to know what's going on in the world, much less discuss it). I've been feeling the exact same way as you. Just think how the pope must feel that a nun was murdered over this incident.

10:05 PM  

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